Pancakes. The best breakfast.

Voted #1 by me. And possibly others.


What are Pancakes?

Amazing, that’s what.

You really should try them. Especially hazelnut pancakes. They’re the best. The flavour goes well with maple syrup too. If you ever visit Canada, buy some maple syrup.

Even better.

A recipe

Here, take a look.


Why Pancakes?

They are just simply delicious. They have a fluffy texture, and the taste is amazing when paired with blueberries, walnuts, hazelnuts, and much more. Maple syrup is a great friend to the pancake. The two are inseparable, like toast and butter.

Why not waffles? Well, waffles are a close relative to pancakes. They hold maple syrup better and act like a syrup sponge. However, they are morbid concoctions. They are beautiful pancakes that have been stepped on. Why would you eat food that’s been stepped on?

Buy some!

I don’t know go to IHOP or something. Or buy some pancake mix. Or Eggos.